Daisy our new doodle

Back in early January our dog Amber (Labradoodle) of 10ish years her health finally got severe enough, that it was best to put her down.  Though this was something we all knew was coming for a year or so it was a lot harder to deal with then we all thought.  We were now down to just Moonshine, our black cat and had no plans to bring in a new dog to the family.

Then one day late March, Kim noticed a Facebook post from a friend that just got a new GoldendoodleIMG_20200331_181536_MP puppy and it was so cute.  Kim called the friend and learned all about the puppy, the breeder and so on… and there was 1 more puppy left in the litter.  That night we discussed the option of getting a new dog.  “Why not”?  If we were to get a new dog, why wait till Caitlin is graduated and out of the house at college, we are all home (Collin and Austin are home from UNCC finishing the year virtually online, Caitlin is finishing her Jr. year at home virtually), when will we have a better time to bring on a dog, and enjoy a dog together.  The next morning we went to the breeders web site and learned about the last remaining doodle in the litter, and she was so cute.  Through out the day we went back and forth, pros and cons of getting a new dog.  By dinner time that evening we visiting the dog and bringing her home.  We named her Daisy, maybe because of her fluffy white fir.

She’s all white, except for a brown left ear, a large brown spot on her right ear and a few brown speckles on her back and legs.

IMG_20200328_192701_MP    IMG_20200328_201841_MP

IMG_20200328_204816    IMG_20200328_204907_MP

Daisy has a “Butterfly” nose.  A “butterfly” nose is when a dog has patches of bright pink on its nose leather.
These patches of bright pink also exist on her paws.

IMG_20200328_213425    00000IMG_00000_BURST20200328213734149_COVER

00100trPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200328213605002_COVER    00100trPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200328215036704_COVER

Daisy has been well accepted and taken care of in our family.

IMG_20200328_213302_MP    IMG_20200328_214509


Daisy even helps out with work.


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