AutoPilot Automatically Downloads Video from Your TiVo or the Internet

Windows only: Beta video downloader TVHarmony Autopilot can automatically transfer, encode, and remove commercials from TiVo recordings, as well as suck down online clips to your hard drive. You've already seen one method of downloading, de-commercializing, and encoding TiVo video with KMTTG, but AutoPilot offers a more native Windows interface with more options for video […]... Read More

FormatFactory Centralizes DVD Ripping, Media Conversion

Windows only: Free media file converter FormatFactory is a handy all-in-one utility for taking one kind of audio, video, or picture file and converting it to another. The interface is a dead-simple drag-and-drop affair, and it's meant for running batches of files through converters—FLVs to Windows Media, MPEGs to iPod-friendly video, DVDs to DivX files, […]... Read More

Featured Freeware: FormatFactory

Whether you're looking to change a video format to save space or because you lack a necessary codec, the freeware FormatFactory could be the last converter you'll need. It's not perfect, but it handles 12 types of video formats, six audio types, eight image formats, and DVD/ISO conversions with speed and accuracy. More information at […]... Read More