AutoPilot Automatically Downloads Video from Your TiVo or the Internet

Windows only: Beta video downloader TVHarmony Autopilot can
automatically transfer, encode, and remove commercials from TiVo
recordings, as well as suck down online clips to your hard drive.
You've already seen one method of downloading, de-commercializing, and encoding TiVo video with KMTTG,
but AutoPilot offers a more native Windows interface with more options
for video sources and destinations. Here's the quick list of what
AutoPilot can do:

  • Keep track of what's on your TiVo and automatically download shows you are interested in.
  • Download and convert videos from popular websites such as, Video Google, and
  • AutoPilot
    will automatically convert videos into the right formats for a variety
    of devices including Apple iPod, PSPs, Palm and PocketPC Devices, video
    capable mobile phones, XBox 360s, and Linux devices like the Neuros and
  • AutoPilot keeps track of what you download, making it easy to download a whole series of shows
  • Access
    AutoPilot from almost anywhere: from your computer, on the couch from
    your TiVo, from your PSP web browser,or anywhere you have an internet
  • Watch or download your video library while you travel.

In order to use AutoPilot on your TiVo, you have to install the
Java runtime on your PC. AutoPilot also installs a Firefox extension
(that is, sadly, not yet compatible with Firefox 3), presumably to make
downloading online video easily. Truth be told, I didn't have an easy
time using AutoPilot—my old PC ran out of virtual memory, and the
program crashed on me at one point, but that could be expected for a
beta. TVHarmony AutoPilot is a free download for Windows only. Thanks, ckrames1234!

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