New Washing Machine

A few days after our oven door hinge broke, our washing machine started making and awful loud noise.  I attempted to determine what was wrong and diagnose the problem.

Based on my findings, reading online and watching other washing machine videos, I figured I needed a new center shaft agitator kit.  But in further exploration I found that the porcelain tub had begun to rust around the bottom.  Now the tub was under warranty, but the center shaft agitator and labor to do all the work was about $200 and I would need to wait a while for parts.  I was not going to invest that much in a 20 year used washing machine.  It served me well, got my money’s worth out of it.  Yes, new ones are not made like old ones and may not last as long… but what are ya gona do?

IMG_20200423_220224    IMG_20200423_220352

1109191612    1109191612a

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