Don’t Expose the full web site menu to the world

Here I am with another story given to me by a recent contractor software developer that worked for me.  Unfortunately he was no longer with us by the time I discovered this, so I couldn’t share it with him.  We were converting VB desktop apps to ASP.Net MVC C# applications, converting VB classic web apps […]... Read More

JavaScript dynamically set onclick value

The other day I needed to generate href strings in my WebForms application, pass that href string in a button OnClientClick event to a JavaScript method that in turn would take that href string and dynamically add it to a particular button’s onclick event to set the document.location.href value.  Now I may not have done […]... Read More


Using .Net.  No, I am not referring to drug that I am using called .NET, but the Using statement in the .NET framework.  The “Using” statement in .NET framework provides a convenient syntax that ensures the correct use of IDisposable objects. If .NET object you are using implements IDisposable, then you can simply call the […]... Read More