Front door–New Lock, Repair and Paint

IMG_20200511_182750One more unplanned project in the year of Covid-19.  Mid May, our deadbolt lock on our front door simply fell apart, the cylinder came our and locking tumblers fell out.  Our front door never closed real well for many years and maybe the tension or pressure put on the deadbolt was too much.  The door, with hinges on the left, was sagging or hanging too low on the right, causing the door to hit and rub the right door jamb at the top.  There were cracks in the frame where the hinges are attached at the top of the door frame. 

IMG_20200501_202611I went to Lowes to get a new left side (hinge side) door jamb, figuring I need to replace it.  Later I watched a few YouTube videos on how replace a door jamb and decided this was a bit out of my comfort zone, so I called friend builder carpenter to take a look and give me an estimate.  He said it would be a lot of work and he’d be happy to do it for us, but it was not necessary to replace the door jamb.  He suggested that with help, with the door opened at a 90 degree angle, have someone push the door towards the frame which will close up that gap in the crack.  Take out the screws in that top hinge, and put in new longer screws that will screw into the bigger part of the door frame.  This worked wonderfully, the door no longer sagged or rubbed the top of the other side door frame.

We installed new door hardware, replaced the weather stripping, filled in the gaps around the deadbolt plate, and painted the door and frame.  No more lifting on the door handle and shoving the door closed.

IMG_20200505_152157(1)    IMG_20200504_141317    IMG_20200504_141328


IMG_20200710_102309    IMG_20200710_102314

PXL_20210219_205257108    PXL_20210219_205305783 (1)

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