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Tags Manager for Visual Studio Team Services

With a recent job change I found my self in a role of sole ownership of a few applications (both web and desktop) with no source control, no requirements, no backlog of product requests etc.  Anyway, so I quickly created an account with VisualStudion Team Services, the new and improved TFS in the cloud.  I […]... Read More

Git instead of TFS

My recent job change brought with it many new systems, processes, and technologies changes… including changing from Team Foundation Server (TFS) as a Version Control System (VCS), to using GIT for version control.  GIT is, as advertised, a distributed revision control system that was created for speed, data integrity and to support distributed or non-linear […]... Read More

Team Foundation error an startup of Visual Studio

If you have TFS Power Tools installed and Microsoft’s Communicator IM tool installed, you may get this error:  Team Foundation Error, Specified cast is not valid.   To resolve this error, open Visual Studio, in the Team Explorer portion of the IDE, right click on Team Members.  From the popup menu, select Personal Settings.  In […]... Read More

TFS Labels and Change Sets

Thought I would share some details I recently learned to save others some pain and suffering…   When searching, viewing or getting source Label, know that you will search change labels in our Team Project, not just the labels/change sets for the current project (Trunk/Branch).  Notice below, when searching for a label (after right clicking […]... Read More