Tags Manager for Visual Studio Team Services

With a recent job change I found my self in a role of sole ownership of a few applications (both web and desktop) with no source control, no requirements, no backlog of product requests etc.  Anyway, so I quickly created an account with VisualStudion Team Services, the new and improved TFS in the cloud.  I uploaded all the source and got to work setting up sprints and backlog items. 

snip_20180301131801I soon found that I/we were not being consistent with our naming conventions for Tags that you apply to PBI’s or Tasks.  I thought for sure there would be a way to manage and/or edit these tags and make them all consistent, either in only via the browser or through the Visual Studio IDE… NO.  I was sadly mistaken.  But, good news is others were also sadly mistaken and someone developed a Tags Manager

With Tags Manager you can now easily manage your work items tags (rename, merge and delete them).  There are plenty of details, instructions and more found in the link above.


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