Nature Photography Sep–Nov 2017

0913172011bTime to post some more of my hobby pictures… taking pictures of random nature and wildlife.  Looking through these pictures and pictures from my last Nature Photography seems to indicate I don’t get out much or my life is quite a routine.


Our unofficial outdoor pets are the local tree frogs.  This summer and early fall there seemed to be plenty of them, lots more of them then I remember in previous years.  One time there were at least 11 or 13 you could spot on our front porch and railing.

0905172321   0905172321a   0905172322


0922171315a    0922171315

Sorry Moonshine, I can’t leave you out of the picture or post.


Spiders are often interesting to photograph, along with their webs.  This spider and his web are not that spectacular, but I was asked to take a picture at the time.


While waiting for Austin to run by at a Cross Country meet, I snapped this picture of a flower on the side of a walking path.  The turtle was found (with another turtle that we uh… hum… interrupted something) while walking in a part near Charlotte with the family when visiting Collin at UNC.  The black snake was found in the trough for out pool cover, but it is a good snake so set it free in a different area of our yard.

0927171747    1022171414_HDR

1029171623a    1029171627a

This hollowed out tree, in the woods behind our place, has a neat collection of mushrooms growing inside it.

1112171224    1112171224b

And finally… last but not least, a family up the street, has been keeping or raising a turkey in the backyard, under their deck.  But clearly, it is a smart bird because it often finds it’s way outside of it’s enclosure… but not too smart, because it just lingers around the yard.


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