New Convection Oven

IMG_20200414_135747Well, as luck would have it, just after getting started on our new patio, a hinge broke to our top oven door of our double oven.  Well, least we had the lower oven to use while we decide what to do.  Oven replacement hinges are about $65.  Not too bad, but how long are the hinges to the other door going to last?  And, since the day we built and moved in, we have been wishing we got a double convection oven instead.  So we do some shopping online and do some research. 

Yup, may as well kick this oven to the curb and get another one, a double convection oven with air fry ability.  Oh, there was no kicking the oven to the curb… that was ONE HEAVY OVEN.  One night we took out the old oven only to find the builders couldn’t find where the electrician had put the power for the oven (see large holes in the drywall).  So I found some thin scrap wood to cover up those holes to keep critters and air (cold or hot).  Oh, to lessen the weight of the oven unit, we removed the oven doors… and the lower oven door hinge broke in the process.  Good timing.  The new oven, yeah, it was just as heavy if not more then the older one, thankfully I had my two strong boys home from college doing virtual learning through the Covid Pandemic.

Yes, replaced it with a new GE and we are very happy with it.  Thanks to Heart Appliance who delivered the new one and took the old one away.

IMG_20200518_232350    IMG_20200518_233223_MP    IMG_20200518_233229

IMG_20200519_002519    IMG_20200519_002528


IMG_20200519_103309    IMG_20200519_103317    IMG_20200519_142430

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