Configuring Live Writer

Launch Live Writer.  From the menu, choose Weblog, then Add Weblog Account…   Choose “Another weblog service”     Fill in the weblog account information.   Live Writer will connect to the blog and download details to your PC.   Edit the Weblog Name if you wish and click Finish.   Now you can create […]... Read More

BlogEngine, Lightbox Extension and Live Writer

Wow, I just learned about the Lightbox Extension for  Two simple files to copy to your web server for install.  URL: Lightbox Extension But to use it you need to edit the HTML of the post and wrap each image tag with the anchor tag: <a href="/blog/wp-content/importImages/picture.jpg"> <img src="/blog/wp-content/importImages/picture.jpg" />  </a>      Ok, I […]... Read More