System Explorer All-In-One PC Monitor and Manager

When you want to manage your PC's processes, startup
items, network connections, windows, tasks, open files, and installed
software, you can do that all using the free all-in-one monitoring
tools System Explorer. The long list of functionality in System
Explorer's broken down into four categories: Monitoring, Autoruns,
Software, and Settings (they're tabs across the top). From there you
can drill down and manage running processes, files, tasks, and more.
While we've seen a few souped-up task manager type apps (like TaskExplorer),
System Explorer packs in even more features with a small memory
footprint and USB drive-friendly portable version. Check out a few
screenshots of System Explorer in action.

Under Monitoring, here's the Processes tab for straight up task
manager-like functionality, with built-in hooks to
and Google to look up what the heck a particular running file is,

Under Autoruns, here's the Startups section, where you can trim what autostarts with your PC:

Under Monitoring, hit the Performance tab to see live-updating graphs of what's eating up your RAM and processor:

System Explorer is a free download for Windows XP and Vista, portable version available.

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