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BlogEngine.NET v1.6 has been out since Feb 1, so I figured it was about time I upgraded.  I like to check the available documentation regarding upgrading and I got some conflicting ideas and methods.  David suggested I download a copy of my blog, make edits, over-write files, delete folders and upload the blog when complete.

This sounded like more hassle then it was worth.  I use XML (not SQL Server) as my data and here is what I did:

Unzip the contents of the BlogEngine.NET v1.6 to NewBlog folder.

Download a copy of your App_Data\Settings.xml file and update it with new features from new release and over write the new Settings.xml in NewBlog\App_Data with this updated file.

FTP to your current blog installation and…

  • Delete App_Code\ExtensionManager folder and all it’s contents
  • Delete App_Code\Extensions\Akismet*.*
    • This is ONLY required if you have previously installed this extension in an earlier release.  The Akismet SPAM feature is now an included option in the base of BlogEngine.Net

IF you use or have made any changes to the default themes in BlogEngine.Net (Standard, Mobile and Indigo), you will need to update these themes in v1.6 in NewBlog\themes prior to uploading v1.6 to your server.

Upload all folders/files to the NewBlog\ folder EXCEPT for the \App_Data folder and all the files with in it.

Upload just the Settings.xml from the App_Data folder that you updated earlier on.

That is it, load your home page.

17 thoughts on “BlogEngine.NET 1.6 upgrade

  1. I have recently started using the and I having some problems here? in your blog you stated that we need to enable write permissions on the App_Data folder…unfortunately I don’t understand how to enable it.

  2. I did not mention that the App_Data folder needs write permissions… but you are right, it does. You need to have access to IIS settings to give Read/Write/Update permission to Network and/or Network Service on the App_Data folder.

  3. Hi, I have the same problem as you. In my comment above the recaptcha required words to enter were "re throne". I entered "tone" only and my comment was saved. Is this a bug with recaptcha or have we just not implemented it correctly. I will investigate and let you know if I find a solution. I found your blog as I am upgrading to 1.6 from 1.45..

  4. Shawn,

    Thanks for the message. I had manually added the reCAPTCHA to BlogEngine.NET, it is NOT yet part of BlogEngine.NET. My implementation was quite flawed, it was not working so I removed the reCAPTCHA.

    A Captcha service has been added to the source of BlogEngine.NET, but it is not yet released and I didn’t want to wait or implement the latest source with out enough testing. But I may look into it now.

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