Amber – Night and Day

DSC_1731Amber was a bit different today.   Spending a full day at our house.  Only one mistake today because I didn’t get her out of the house in time.  She was a bit more lively.  While Kim did dishes in the kitchen, Amber just sat on the floor and watched.  Romped and played in the family room with a big thick rope to chew on.  Still a bit sedated though and slept a lot.  She likes to curl

Amber took it easy on us last night.  She didn’t make a sound after putting her in her cage.  She didn’t make a sound all night or when I came down in the morning to let her out.  Well tonight it a different story.  After letting her out for potty the last time for the night and putting her in her crate, she proceeded to yelp, cry, wine, and otherwise fuss for… oh… half an hour now.

We did what we probably shouldn’t have… went down and tried to calm her town, let her out to potty again, only ran around.  Sat with her till she calmed down again, and put her in her crate for the night.  She still doesn’t like it, wonder how long this will last.  I will be up for a while catching up with work… maybe I will update the post.

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