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Casting Crowns, on of my top favorite Christian rock bands recently had a contest.  Mark Hall, the lead singer, recently made a new years resolution to stop drinking sweet drinks (soda, sweet tea, etc) in favor of just water or something not sweetened.  He tweeted about this and soon had interest from band members and fans.  He came up with a name for the group making this commitment change named HydroForce.

Encouraged by the interest of fans and such, he started a contest looking for the best HydroForce Tshirt design for HydroForce.  Design elements were to involve: Captain Crown (some action figure looking guy that looks like Mark), HydroForce, water, World Vision and Casting Crowns.  The winner was to win a trip to one of their concerts including backstage meet and greet with the band.

I jumped at this opportunity and proceeded to come up with a bunch of designs with hopes of actually being chosen.  I tried to keep the designs simple, clean, and not too much to read, but do my best to include as many design elements as possible.  This was a fun challenge for me.  Here are my designs.

HydroForceShirt_Design2 HydroForceLogo3 HydroForceLogo4 HydroForceLogo5 HydroForceLogo6 HydroForceLogo7 HydroForceLogo8 HydroForceLogo9 HydroForceLogo10 HydroForceLogo11 HydroForceLogo13

You can see the other designs here:  http://castingcrowns.com/hydroforce

Unfortunately, none of my designs were chosen by the Casting Crowns decision panel.  Below are the 2 winners (they couldn’t decide on just one).  Interestingly, 1 design only included 2 design elements and the other included 3 of the 5 design elements.  I personally disagree with their choices, (though the on the left does look nice), especially the one on the right (which does not show in the list of designs).

Sorry Moby's site has nasty comments apparently. So here are the winning shirts in another format.

Image above taken from:  http://twitpic.com/3r0aza

But this will not deter me from following Mark or enjoying their music and I look forward to another another fun challenge.

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