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Again… it has been a while since my last blog post, but not too long.  I thought it was time to move off my hosted environment and BlogEngine.Net to some commercial 3rd party free service.  Due to the hosting environments lack of secure servers and/or BlogEngine.Net, my sites would get hacked from time to time and that is just plain anoying.
Blogger-logoSo, I concidered going back to WordPress (where is hosted), but I was never a WordPress fan. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice service but too much of what they offered I had to pay for.  I have always been a fan of Google and their free product offerings eversince they came out with Gmail.  I should have made the switch to Blogger a long time ago, but I was stuborn and wanted to use a Microsoft product and host my own blog with (a ASP.NET MVC product).
With Blogger, I will enjoy how it integrates with other Google services, it’s security and protection, Open Live Writer desktop blogging tool works with it, And.. there is an Android app that I can use to post content to my blog.  And if I am realy desporate to post content on the go… I can always send an email to my blog and it will be posted.
And with the online service If This Then That, I should be able to replicate my posts to Facebook and Twitter.  I should also be able to replcate my Instagram posts to Blogger… not sure if I will though.

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