Pool Chlorine Generator Maintenance

This year’s surprise maintenance for the pool was for the Chlorine Generator.  On the display, there is a No Flow indicator, and well, it turned on, actually, sometimes it was on, and sometimes it would go off.  BUT, when the light was on, NO chlorine was generated… and well, this became a problem.

I had no idea what part of this system detected the flow of the water so it knew it could generate chlorine.  Two parts of the system were connected or part of the plumbing for the return water to the pool.  One I was sure generated the chlorine (replaced that once already), so I assumed the other part had something to do with the detection of the water flow.  Come to find out it is called the Flow Switch.

Few Google searches confirmed this and my handy supplier of nearly all things, Amazon.com, had just the part I needed at a reasonably inexpensive price.  A local pool supplier wanted to sell me the unit, I assume the pvc pipe and the flow switch that gets screwed into it, but at nearly twice the amount.  So 2 days later I was ready to install the new part.

I unplugged the existing unit from the main box, unscrewed that part from the return pipe, and installed the new part.  And of course, it worked great.

And… then a few days later the system went dark because the fuse had blown.  The problem was locating the fuse… it was not where the manual said it would be or the videos on YouTube.  But I preserved and found it.  So HomeDepot to the rescue this time and got a new fuse.

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