Nature Photography June-July-August 2017

It’s time to share some nature pictures I shot in the last 3 months.  As my kids know, I love to take pictures of nearly everything, including nature, little critters, plants, clouds, waterfalls, outdoor reflections and more.  But who wants to lug around their 35mm digital SLR camera every day, where ever you go.  Oh, wait… I have a smartphone.  Smartphones are great for many reasons, but for me, I always love having a camera with me… a good quality phone camera (size in MP, lens quality, its ability to capture good images in low light and great video) is important.

Yeah, the quality is NOT the same in MP, lens, etc… as a DSLR but my phone camera is great as a point and shoot, but can also be manually configured for aperture, shutter speed, White Balance, and more, so it makes it a real close runner up to my Nikon SLR.  Lately, my phone (camera) choice has been with LG, with their G4 and now with their G6.  Samsung’s are a good second choice, but iPhone on the other hand, I rarely see good pictures from friends that have iPhones, and besides the pictures are often square… what is up with that?  Then again most other phone camera users wield their phone around taking pictures without realizing the complications of low light and shutter speed will cause images to look lousy.  For those… there are PLENTY of videos on YouTube explaining how to take better photos with your smartphone.
Enough of that.  Here is a collection of photos (nature, little critters, flowers, clouds, etc…) I took over the past 3 months.  Click a photo to see it larger, then at the bottom just advance to the next picture.
Tere are actually health benefits to this plant if you want to learn about it.

The flower of a Citronella plant.

Green Treefrog (Hyla cinerea)

Moth, love the detail in its antenna.

Rolls of hay just harvested on back roads to my office.

Green Treefrog (Hyla cinerea)
We have a BIG family of Green Treefrogs at our place.
In this picture, 8 can be spotted on the railing.  We have counted as many as 13 at once.
Our cat Moonshine just loves watching and jumping after the Green Treefrogs 
that spend their evenings catching and eating bugs on our back door.


New River in VA.


These frogs are great subjects to take pictures of… 
they are small, colorful, look fun and silly, there are plenty of them, least around my house… 
best of all they don’t scare easily so you can get the camera right up close to them.




 Southern Leopard frog, found in our pool skimmer.

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