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image Welcome to my blog.  My name is Jim Black and I am a Lead IT Developer at Kay Chemical, an Ecolab Co. in North Carolina.  I have been developing software using Microsoft technologies for 17 years.  Recent Microsoft technologies include ASP.net MVC, C#, Entity Framework, LINQ, WPF and MVVM.


Photography is… well an expensive hobby of mine.  Expensive not only for the equipment camera (Nikon DSLR), and the processing software (Adobe LightRoom) and the studio lights… but the time to take, review and process all the pictures.  The fascination with photography started when I was about 16, I took photography classes in High School even took pictures for the school paper.  Later in college I took 3 semesters in photography, shooting B&W and processing all my film/prints in a dark room at school.  When cameras started going digital it grabbed my attention again, even though they were mostly point and shoot.  Then the DSLR cameras came out and dropped in price and I got my first DSLR… Nikon D50 (I’ve always been a Nikon camera shooter).  I went gung-ho and wanted to start my own photography business. bought studio lights, back drops, built a online web site to promote and sell my portraits and sports photography.  But I was soon realized that I have an increasingly busy family life and not enough time to work two jobs.  So now I shoot for family and fun.


This blog will mostly contain posts for software development in .NET and photography, but will also include posts regarding other software that I find interesting or useful and want to share.  Some of these posts may be a copy and past of another post with a reference back to the original post (to give credit).

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