Portrait Illustration Maker

I cant remember where or how I stumbled upon this one, but I though it was kinda cool and thought I would pass it along.  Portrait Illustration Maker is a FREE Avatar Generator with almost unlimited variations or combinations.  You can attempt to make your Avatar resemble you as much as possible, or create something different just for fun.


While making your Avatar, you choose a Background, Hairstyle, Face Line, Eyebrows, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Body, Make up, Mustache, Glasses, Wrinkles, Accessories, Hair Ornament, Something for your hand, Colors and Alignment.  The Avatar you create can be downloaded and used for any use, attach in an email, use in blog comments, forum posts, and many more.






Here are a few I made for my self just for fun, but it doesn’t look much like me…


_1264604474_651 _1264089188_769 _1264089218_89 _1264089249_102

_1264089257_332 _1264089261_551 _1264089270_967 _1264089305_457

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