Mirror Lake on a cold morning

Another cold frosty morning and the lake was flat and smooth, like a mirror.  There is something about the quietness of the morning beside a lake, that begs you to stop, look and listen.  There are not flowers blooming, no green or colorful leaves on the trees, but still beautiful in it’s own way.

Unfortunately I did not remember to bring my good Nikon, I sent my self a reminder and I still forgot, so again these pictures are taken with my LG Volt camera phone. 

2015-02-12 08.00.40

2015-02-12 08.00.30

2015-02-12 08.02.53

2015-02-12 08.03.36

If you look closely at the picture above, you may notice I just so happened to capture a pair of Canadian Geese about to take flight out of the lake.  The image below I cropped to show the Geese a bit more.

2015-02-12 08.03.36-2

2 thoughts on “Mirror Lake on a cold morning

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