Photography-Cross Country Runners

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the Southwest High School Cross Country runners in a meet.  This is the first time photographing a running event.  Fortunately the weather was just perfect.  The sun was at a good point on the horizon, but the light was still a bit harsh at times.  What I didn’t notice at the time of the event taking pictures was the varied differences of how the runners run and their intensity.  I put these first to pictures first because I like the expressions I captured on their faces as one runner tries to maintain his lead while the other is striving to take the lead.



DSC_7947   DSC_7955

DSC_7965   DSC_7966

DSC_7973   DSC_7977

DSC_7990   DSC_7997

DSC_7999   DSC_8007

DSC_8022   DSC_8036


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