Caitlin – A potential model

A few weeks ago, Kim, Caitlin, and Aunt Julie went up to New York, NY to meet with MMG and a photo shoot.  The trip was good and exciting for them all.  This was Caitlin’s first airplane flight and first trip to NY.  The photo shoot was in a small residential apartment.  Shortly after getting back, MMG asked to submit Caitlin for Macy’s school catalog, but the professional shots she did in NY would not be ready in time, so could we please get shots of Caitlin and send them up as soon as possible.

So I set up my studio lights and backdrop in the garage one night and had our own photo shoot.  Below is a sampling of the pictures we took that evening.  I used a white paper backdrop and a light blue fabric backdrop along with two strobe lights shooting through white umbrellas.  My camera is Nikon D5100 with and 18 to 55 zoom lens,  not a professional camera, but it gets the job done.

No, she didn’t get the work with Macy’s, but we look forward to the next opportunity.





To view even more click on this Google Photos Album.

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