7 Days To Die

Though I have played my share of PC games in the 80’s and 90’s, I am not much the “Gamer”.  But, my kids introduced me to 7 Days To Die on the Xbox One recently, but the game originated on the PC and utilizing a home network, multiple family members can play together in the same map and work to survive together.

Putting aside for a moment that there are Zombies in this game and they are serious about trying to kill you, it is a clever and fun survival game.  You, the player, are placed into a world or map with several different Bioms (biological environments), Burnt Land, Desert, Plains, Forest and Winter wonderland.  Your player starts in just underwear, and you have to scavenge for resources (weeds and plants for example so you can craft some cloths, or wood and stone to make an stone ax).  You have the day to gather resources, and avoid roaming zombies, and gather food and water (or find it by searching items and structures) but by night fall, you will need to build a shelter or find an abandoned structure that you can fortify to stay the night and survive any zombies that may visit overnight.

You do this for 7 days, gathering resources, building better and safer structures, finding water and food as you go.  IF you survive till the 7th day, a large horde of zombies will come and find you and hopefully you have a real safe place to hide.  It’s a fun building and survival game.

The word map, circled in red, where I like to build my base.

House up on the hill I like to use, good central location and great view point.

Up on the roof and the view.

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