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wordpress-1810632_960_720I’ve had a personal blog since 2006.  I started with a free account with WordPress, but soon after that registered a domain and wanted to host my own blog.  As a developer in Microsoft technologies, I wanted to use something in .net and found BlogEngine.Net.  Using was fun, maybe because it was free and built using .Net, and I think I had hopes of coding in it and/or extending it… but a family of 3 kids didn’t leave much free time for that kind of thing.

logo_blogengineBlogEngine.New was fun to start, but it wasn’t mature enough and didn’t grow fast enough to support other features and abilities that other blog software did.  For me it was a struggle to stay with BlogEngine.Net when other platforms had more themes, options, settings, customizations, features, security and spam protection.  Recently part of my blog stopped working and I tried out Blogger for a few months.  Being a fan of Google and Google services (including Android) this was an easy thing to try out.  I like it’s integration to my Google Photos, calendar and many other services.  Blogger also has many customizable themes to choose from.  But I had a few problems with Blogger.  I couldn’t host it on my domain.  I could move my domain to Google, but I didn’t want to do that.  Next, I have a history of blog posts I wanted to import from to Blogger, but that appeared to not be a possibility. 

Blogger-LogoRecently my hosting provider upgraded the servers my hosting plan is on and several things stopped working, including email but that is a different story.  Websites also stopped working because of DNS settings and such… so it was a good time to see if my hosting provider was offering anything new with my plan.  They now offered WordPress with and easy 2 or 3 click install.  A few searches online I found I should be able to export my posts from and photos and import that all into WordPress, and the same with my Blogger posts.  I will include a few reference URLs at the end of this post.

2000px-WordPress_logoI’m quite pleased with the process and the results.  I found a nice theme and with a few tweaks I am content.  I have added some great plugins including:  AddToAny Share Buttons, Akismet Anti-Spam (just awesome), Easy FancyBox and WP Code Highlight.

Reference links:  Link 1Link 2Link 3Link 4

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