Fun with Bitmoji

512x512bbEmoji icons have been around for quite some time now.  We have all used them in messages, emails, Facebook, etc.  You know, the smile face, wink face, frown face, red angry face and a slew of others.  As the saying goes, THAT is so yesterday.  Back in February, my sister (and my daughter) introduced me to Bitmoji.  Bitmoji allows you to build or configure a character (maybe one that looks like you, with similar face, size, color, nose, eye brows, hair color, hair length, cloths, etc. 


After configuring your “look-a-like” Bitmoji, there is a plethora scenarios or situations that your look-a-like image can be put into.  From holidays, to weather conditions, and life activities like birthdays, weddings, movies, travel, etc…  it is all there.  Honestly it’s kinda cool, and fun to use.  Bitmoji integrates into many messaging and social apps.

Here is a sample of bitmoji’s I used since February.

IMG_20180414_093810_01   IMG_20180414_093307_01

IMG_20180414_093238_01   IMG_20180414_093221_01

IMG_20180414_093206_01   IMG_20180414_093155_01

IMG_20180414_093140_01   bitmoji-NoProblem

bitmoji-NutsAboutYou   bitmoji-Bonus

bitmoji-Flowers   bitmoji-What


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