NC Zoo with SW Freshmen

I recently was blessed with the opportunity to chaperone a group of Freshmen from Caitlin’s high school to the NC Zoo. At the time I signed up for this, I thought it would be great and a fun time. But as we approached that day, it became more and more clear that the skies would not be clear and there would be plenty of rain.

But we made the most of it. Very few kids had an umbrella. A few had a light weight rain jacket. A few also had hooded sweatshirts… can’t imagine wearing that after it is mostly soaked with rain. It rained and heavy at times, but towards the end of our visit, it began to clear up.

The good news, most animals could care less that it was raining. The polar bear for example, he was having a blast, most active I have seen the polar bear at the zoo (see video below). There was a little white fox that didn’t like the rain and was trying desperately to stay out of it (see video below). The otter, he seemed to almost be having a party doing backflips and all (see video below).

Here is a sample collection of pictures from the day.

0529180915  0529180947_HDR
0529181027  0529181031a
0529181036a  0529181040a_HDR
0529181048-ANIMATION  0529181048j
0529181100a  0529181101
0529181102  0529181108a
0529181112  0529181112a
0529181112b_HDR  0529181123a
0529181129  0529181131
0529181133c  0529181134
0529181229a_HDR  0529181236a
0529181249  0529181249a_HDR
0529181257_HDR  0529181305a
0529181314_HDR  0529181322c

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