A27aZYuY_400x400A co-worker recently enlightened me to a fantastic app that lets you receive and send TXT messages from you PC or Android tablet using your existing mobile phone number. WOW… is this great and clearly my life has gotten busy and hectic, preventing me from keeping up with cool tech and apps like this.

MightyText is an Android app that allows you to use the MightyText web site receive, read and respond to TXT messages from your PC or Android tablet. No, it is not a Texting app and no it does not replace your default texting app on your phone. If you work in an office all day, on a Windows PC or laptop all day (or android tablet), or a student MightyText01and find it inconvenient or not proper to read and respond to TXT messages via your mobile Android phone, then this is the app for you. It is a small download, runs in the background and you never have to think about it once you enable the application. After that, when on Windows PC (or laptop) or Android tablet, use your web browser, go to MightyText.net and login, you will then be able to everything TXT from that device instead of having to pull out your phone, unlock it, go to your messaging app and deal with a small screen and small keyboard.

MightyText also goes a few steps further to make sure you really don’t have to grab your phone. It shows the phone’s battery charge, in percentage and red/yellow/green diagram. It can automatically sync and grab photos from your phone, so you can download them to your desktop or send them out as pictures. You get notifications about phone calls, you can pre-dial your phone from inside the webapp. And you can make your phone ring, if you’ve misplaced it.

feat-gtextAND… as I got ready to write this post, I noticed that they have a Google Chrome Extension that allows you view, read and respond to TXT messages right inside of Gmail. [Audience Applause] Yes! As Android phone users, we are required to have Google accounts and Gmail. And as this is a connected world we live in, whereas kids and parents we feel the need to be informed and connected to school, teachers, coaches, and much more… Gmail may always be opened on your PC or laptop.

MightyText02   MightyText03

MightyText04   MightyText05

So… get MightyText today and give it a try. So convenient while at work, while in class, while studying or doing homework on the computer, and on the tablet while at the pool reading on your Kindle app.

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