Internet Explorer compatibility issues

no-ie Letter-Darn that Internet Explorer and how it often works differently then other browsers.   Recently someone asked me why the images don’t show correctly on my Extension Manager Bug post.  I was confused because I have seen the page many times since posting it and it looked fine.  Come to find out, this visitor is using Internet Explorer… well, I have been using FireFox for years now but often forget to review my themes and posts in other browsers for compatibility.


So I checked the page and sure enough it does not display the same way, but only that post… so far.  I check the post in Live Writer, checked the generated HTML and more, but can not find our why it is displaying this way.  May be you know… if you do, please let me know.  See the page in FireFox and IE below.


In Internet Explorer 7



In FireFox


2 thoughts on “Internet Explorer compatibility issues

  1. Grr. It’s always important to see compatibility with all the browsers. Which is right because IE really sucks sometimes. I don’t use IE and IE 7 & 8 were very heavy for me and they don’t have the pool of addons which Firefox has. A couple of sites I used and they displayed right on IE and not on Firefox lol. Recently reading an article from TechRepublic, they said that a new bug in MS Framework program (don’t remember the name right) left such bug in the pc of the user which infects Firefox and gives it the same bugs IE has. LoL. I am not sure how trusty this article is but IE really needs to kick up hard.

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