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isneyPhotoPass is quite a cool thing.  Disney theme parks have photographers throughout that are there to take your picture.  These may not be professional photographers, but they are not your average novice photographers either.  They shoot pictures with Nikon D70 (I hear they are upgrading to D80) and an added flash.  Not all pictures are great (subjects are not always centered, lighting is not always perfect, etc…) , but most are good.


buttonCA7SICHF You are given an plastic card (like a credit card or room key card) that you hand to the photographers, so all pictures taken by multiple photographers in multiple parks over multiple days can all be linked to the ID on that card.  Recently we went twice within a 5 week period and had both trips stored on one card ID.


buttonCAN4ZUVM You can get prints made at the park before you leave, or you can view, share and order prints from the comfort of your hotel or home.  You have approximately 30 days to view, edit and order prints (crop, B&W, rotate, borders and clip-art.  I say approximately, because if you ask nicely, you could get that extended.  Depending on how many pictures you had taken, this edit process can be lengthy and their servers are not the speediest on the net.  They really need a FLASH interface or include software with the CD purchase that allows you to do this on your PC without delays due to broadband connections or their slow server.  Prices for prints at the parks and through the DisneyPhotoPass web site are pricey, but you can also get all high-resolution images (including your edits) on a CD to print and do what you want with later. 


ppnophoto[1]The pictures on CD currently costs $129.95.  Again, this is a bit pricey.  I read you can get the CD at the park for $60 (this may be California only and may be out dated) but the pictures will not have any borders and added graphics.  You can also pre-order the CD for $99.95,  then apply the pre-order coupon code when placing the order for the CD.  You can also review, edit all your pictures from your trip and if you then still feel you want to order the CD, first purchase the pre-order coupon, then order the CD and apply the coupon they email you… no waiting… no pre-order before vacation…  We did this just a few days ago, so I know it works this way (have not yet received the CD though).


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8 thoughts on “DisneyPhotoPass and great memories

  1. Cool photos. Love the borders. It’s worth it sometime to have the whole family in the photo taken by them, but agreed it becomes expensive when you want to buy all the photos.

  2. Yeah it’s pricey but after all for family, it’s a one time experience. We don’t go to Disneyland everyday :). It’s nice that you had a great time with your family in Disneyland and your kids should be very happy showing these pictures to their friends lol. Like we all would have done in our young age hehe.

  3. The name of the Blog theme is noted at the bottom of the page… StudioPro. It is not available anywhere (yet), I created it. Thanks for the comment.

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