A new start at Inmar

In mid November, I started new employment at Inmar.  Previously at Ecolab (Kay Chemical), they attempted to utilize technology to support and grow their company.  This was a struggle because they were always catering to their big customers, implementing all the changes they requested and left little or no time to be innovative with technology.

At Inmar, they seem to have embraced web technologies and the exchange of data over the internet and has become the primary backbone of the company.  I look forward to new fun challenges, more experience in web technologies, MVC, .Net Core, Angular and more.  Though we are focused on getting work done in the development sprint, there is a lot less stress and pressure (micromanagement and bean counting) which makes work more fun and a delight.  My new work environment is quite nice also.


20161129_082247 (1)


20161128_133103 (1)

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