NC Zoo

image002Once again I volunteered to chaperon High School kids on a field trip to the NC Zoo, but it didn’t rain this time.  December it not an active time at the Zoo for many animals, but we made the best of it and had a good time.  As it is with most Winters here in NC Piedmont area, it doesn’t stay cold for long, so the group of students were not wearing any heavy coats (or hats, gloves or mittens… after all, they are teenagers), see the large picture above.

The pictures below tell a better story, but the weather was dry but chilly and the group of students with Caitlin were well behaved.  A highlight was the Red Wolf.  This field trip was sponsored by the APES class (advanced placement environmental science), and the teachers brother (or some relative) works at the zoo and gave us a fascinating talk about the Red Wolf, their history, their benefits to the environment and ecosystem.  Not sure about the students, but I enjoyed listening and learning.


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