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Tags Manager for Visual Studio Team Services

With a recent job change I found my self in a role of sole ownership of a few applications (both web and desktop) with no source control, no requirements, no backlog of product requests etc.  Anyway, so I quickly created an account with VisualStudion Team Services, the new and improved TFS in the cloud.  I […]... Read More
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Import videos from Google Photos to YouTube

Google Photos is GREAT.  You can set your Android phone to back up all the pictures and video you take, and can easily access and view your photo and video via the web through  Sharing these photos and videos outside of Google Photos, however, is cumbersome or not so user-friendly…   For example, if you […]... Read More

Android Auto

I am a fan of Waze, have been for years.  I use it for vacation trips and other long drives.  But for the every day driving around town, to school, work, etc… I now prefer Android Auto and Google Maps navigation.  Maybe some day Google will add support for Waze in Android Auto for the […]... Read More